We are equipped with the most advanced multimedia technology and integrate it into advanced exhibition solutions. We have our own transparent display modular systems, light cabinets with polymer anti-reflective coating, flexible screen modular systems for creating volumetric immersive spaces and much more.
Production of unique mechanical exhibits, platforms and simulators
Our in-house specialists work with rotary equipment, suspended mechanical systems and plungers
Production of 3D models of any complexity (3D printing), We use the most advanced materials: photocells, polymer powder materials, etc
Woodworking: Our production workshops are equipped with the best modern machinery with program control
Use of enamel, perforation, polyurea and craft
Production of unique metal structures, processing of steel, titanium, ALUMINIUM, copper, and other materials, microwelding of any complexity
Production of infographics on any medium: polyethylene, plastics, polymer materials, light panels, glass, etc